Intragnola Gardens

Intragnola is one of the largest private botanical gardens on Lake Maggiore.

Having collected thousands of images since 1980, I would like to share some of them to show the never ending work that began around 1910, when my Grandfather Vincenzo Sarto, also known as Sarti, started planting exotic conifers in these grazing fields, facing the Alps and the Borromeo Islands, where our family country house is.

After one century, the garden was getting old, the farm closed in 1990, many common diseases spreading, dead trees and a lack of gardening method, were some of the issues I faced.

The challenge was big for I am not a trained gardener, but the love for this place, blessed by a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore, the memory of my ancestors, was reason enough to endure such an effort.

I hope the information I share to be interesting for some, and the comments I’ll get will provide me with knowledge and new ideas.



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