Diospyros kaki

Autumn colors of this Chinese fruit tree…


  • : ƒ/8
  • : 3 November, 2005
  • : 200
  • : 1/8s

Lightning strikes Pallanza

Storms can be pretty strong, around here, and do a lot of damages.

Isola Madre and Villa Taranto, the most wonderful botanical gardens on Lago Maggiore, lost many large, old trees in the last years.


  • : ƒ/16
  • : 2 September, 2005
  • : 200
  • : 20s

Pinus yunnanensis

Hey! turn off the fan!

The wind called Mergozzo, blows from West down from the Simplon pass, and can reach 90 Km/h.

It gets its name from Lake Mergozzo, which is connected to Lake Maggiore with a short channel.

It brings storms and rain, most of the time.

This young Pinus yunnanensis has no repair and we hope it will get accustomed to it.


  • : ƒ/8
  • : 20 August, 2005
  • : 200
  • : 1/200s

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